Tuesday 5 December 2017

Enjoy adventure activities at a resort in Jim Corbett

India is becoming a hub of adventure activities. Many travelers from across the globe are coming to India to seek this pleasure. The scenic beauty and adventure sports give you the thrill you always wanted. One of the top adventure destinations in India is Uttarakhand. The sky-high Himalayan peaks, deep canyons and gurgling rivers offer some of the best opportunities to engage in several adventure sport activities. Many adrenaline pumping activities like paragliding, skiing, white water rafting, mountaineering and trekking are quite popular in Uttarakhand.

A range of adventure and sport activities are offered near the Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand. Along with an exciting trip to the jungle, exploring the wildlife, you can indulge in various adventure and recreational activities here. 

Adventure activities at Corbett
Jim Corbett National Park is known for its rich wildlife, flora and fauna. But it offers more. Along with enjoy the wildlife and nature, you can also engage in various adventure sports. Though it is a great place for nature and wildlife lovers, many opportunities await the adventure lovers too.

A very popular activity here is river rafting. It can be done in River Kosi and is only possible in Monsoon season. You get a 30 minute exciting rafting session on one of the most exciting rivers in Kumaon region through some great Class II or III rapids. Another exciting activity is the rope activity which involves adventurers jumping from a Jhula bridge on the Kosi near Garjia Temple and slither down along a rope till about 06 ft above the water and then jump into the water. Members slither down and jump into the water are promptly picked up the support staff or a kayak waiting for them.

You can also have an adrenaline rush by river crossing with the help of the ropes tied at both the ends of the river and you are hitched to this rope using specialized equipment. You will have to walk from one side to the other on a small string with the support of a rope and cross the river accordingly. This activity is done under the supervision of expert instructors.

Rappelling is counted among the best adventure activities in Jim Corbett. Here the participant has to rappel down holding a rope from a rock to another. This endeavor will definitely make the blood to rush and heart to race. Experience the thrill of flying above the lush surrounding and mountains cape. Let the adrenaline rush takes over as you paraglide around Corbett.

Stay at a luxurious wildlife resort
Often you need a wonderful escape from the humdrum of city life as we reconnected with nature, went on treks and feasted on the unadulterated beauty of nature. The entire region of Jim Corbett is a bustling ecosystem for many species of birds, reptiles and mammals. Living in the close vicinity of this world-renowned tourist spot is a dream comes true. Hotels in Jim Corbett has opened doors to people from all around the world to enjoy the aura of this place. It is an excellent opportunity to let travelers right from backpackers and honeymooners to families - enjoy some beautiful moments of solitude in the lap of nature.

These resorts offer adventure activities too!
You can now stay luxuriously and enjoy adventure activities together. There are many resorts with adventure activities in Corbett . These resorts offer various services for you to do to experience the jungle and wildlife to the fullest as you take on several adventure activities. The activities are available for school and college groups, families and corporate travelers. After undertaking the thrilling activities you can relax at the resort and relish delicious food.

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