Sunday 19 November 2017

Reenergize your soul by staying in Jim Corbett luxury resorts

Move out of your hectic and monotonous routine and take a break to visit the most Corbett’s intriguing National Park. Leopards and tigers call it home, birds live in peace, locals enjoy the greenery, and tourists find the nature therapeutic. A getaway to this park is not only relaxing but thrilling as well. The Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand covers an area of about 520.8 sq. km witnesses almost 70,000 visitors every season from all around the world. This is one of India’s largest National Park. It is home to more than 488 species of fauna and 586 wildlife species. If you are a true nature lover, and wildlife excites you, then a visit to this park is your perfect holiday.

Real encounter with wildlife
Viewing wildlife on TV programs or in pictures has no comparison to when you see it live. The experience is exceptional. In the national park, you will be left stunned by the wide range of biodiversity. You will get an opportunity to spot over 586 varied species of migratory and resident birds, including blossom-headed parakeet, the crested serpent eagle and the red jungle fowl.
The sight of Royal Bengal tigers among the dense forests will humble and excite you at the same time. Some of the other wild animals in the national park include diverse species of Elephants, Leopards, Indian Python, Crocodiles etc. Besides the wide range of fauna, you will also witness varied species of plantations.

Experience the wildlife tours
When in Corbett, plan for a wildlife tour. During this tour you can witness and explore the rich and amazing wildlife of India. This tour is perfect for enthusiast wildlife and birdwatchers. Enjoy a jungle walk to savour the abundant flora and fauna of the Corbett National Park.
Tiger tours in Corbett can be either organized by your hotel or you can book a package with your travel agent. Since the park has truly magical natural and unspoilt habitats of the elusive Tiger and the Wild Elephants, you can spot them during the wildlife safaris. To see a leopard in the wild in Corbett and follow him by a most exciting chase on our safari, to find and see a tiger in his natural habitat is the most rewarding part of your stay.

resorts in Jim corbett
Stay at the luxurious resorts
Jim Corbett National Park is visited by many people throughout the year. You have a plethora of options to make your stay there comfortable and luxurious. Jim Corbett luxury resorts are committed to meeting and exceeding the expectations of the guests through their unremitting dedication to every aspect of service. They are professionals with a strong sense of hospitality and comfort.
These resorts are equipped with all modern amenities and facilities for an excellent blend of modernity and nature in its original form. Personalized hospitality and serene ambience make these resorts a little more special place for your perfect holiday.

jim corbett luxury resorts
Engage in adventure activities available at these resorts
The resorts at Jim Corbett National Park also organize thrilling activities for their guests. You can engage in activities like bird watching, jungle tours, jeep safaris, elephant safari, canter safari and river crossing. Other adventure activities such as Rock Climbing or Rappelling and Team Building games such as Building the tent or Treasure Hunt can be arranged for the groups on request as per availability.
These resorts also have a discotheque, a Multi Cuisine Restaurant that offers a dining experience to strum your taste buds with a varied range of cuisines of your choice, surrounded by the stunning ambience of the wild woods with heavenly humming of birds.

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